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Release current version

Reported by: DenisG Assigned to: DenisG (accepted)
Priority: normal Milestone: SubversionSharp 1.0
Component: SubversionSharp Version: HEAD
Severity: normal Keywords: tarball dll assembly


My thoughts are:

  • Provide a tarball of source code, also containing AprSharp source ? and MD prjx
  • Provide a compiled assembly signed and strongly named for both AprSharp? and SubversionSharp


  • Add a better build solution than MD prjx, probably a working make file generated per MD may do it well

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  • milestone set to 1.0.

09/14/05 04:43:19 changed by agorecki@ectrolinux.com

What is the current status on this project? According to the repository browser, the majority of the project files haven't been changed in ten months.

09/14/05 09:06:50 changed by DenisG

Despite the fast that there have been no improvement since month and no package has been built, this project is a fully functionnal wrapper around the C API of Subversion 1.0.x. It is also compatible with the SVN 1.2.x branch but does not provide access to the lastest API functions. Improvement to be compatible with 1.2.x and some improvements are also on the todo list as shown by other tickets. Our priority to provide these improvements will depend on demands. Feel free to vote in the appropriate ticket to show your needs. Technical support regarding the current version is also provided freely (both way!) using the support link at the top of these pages.